Large Public Indoor Bath

The large public indoor bath in on the 6 floor, open from the morning.

Please enjoy a relaxing time viewing the mountains and streets of Kyoto while taking a bath.At night, the common space near the elevator has a beautiful night view of Kyoto Station and Kyoto Tower. It is a nice place to take a rest after bath.

Dining Hall

All seats in the dining hall are non-smoking. Smoking is allowed in the lobby and in the rock garden at the entrance.

Western-style Banquet Hall

Seats for seats are safe even for those who can not be regular seniors and elderly people !! The room will be a banquet hall on the 4th floor. Maximum 100 tatami mats will be 20 tatami mats.。

1 Floor


Approximately thirty years have passed since the renewal, but we are greeting customers with a heartfelt service, with the Kyoto seats changing the menu every month. We look forward to your reservation.

Stone Garden

Piece of Japanese stone garden beside the entrance of Ryokan Ryokufuso. Japanese stone garden is expressing waves and rings on the water by small to large stones. It is often known as excellence of Japanese spiritual garden art. By seeing our little piece of Japanese stone garden, especially the part of one wave ring but without the large stone in the middle, it is for you to close your eyes and imagine that stone is actually there. And you could more deeply imagine that you are standing on the refreshing water side, and calming by watch the waves on water surface.


"Warmth" space that the young lady stuck with. It is a place where the concept of Ryokufuso where customers become a smile with nature appears everywhere.

Coffee Corner on the 1st Floor

Coffee from Ryokufuso is purchased from Yamaya Coffee for about 60 years founded. The taste brings out the original goodness of beans by after-blending Brazil, Colombia, Java, Guatemala, Peru, and it is balanced with acidity, bitter taste and sweetness. Please appreciate it.